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Men’s Personalized Tape Measure

men’s personalized tape measure


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Our custom tape measurers are the perfect gift to let that special person in your life know that no one measures up to them! A great Christmas or Father’s Day gift for the hard to buy men in our lives!


+ 25’ feet retractable
+ Wood disc is permanently attached to one side of the tape measure.
+ Laser Engraved – no need to worry about fading stickers

+easy-to-read markings and a handy thumb lock
+Carpenter’s marks every 16 in. to help you locate studs.
+ High strength ABS rubber-wrapped case
+ Extra thick blade for extra long standout
+ Easy-to-use thumb lock
+ True Zero function on tip
+ Heavy duty spring steel blade system
+ Graduated in 1/16 in. , 1/8 in. , 1 in. and 1 foot stud findings

Choose from dad, daddy, grandpa, papa, papaw or any custom word you’d like!

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